Your Life Coach Can Teach You to Build Unshakeable Self-Confidence

We all know one of those people who just seem to have unshakeable self-confidence. Have you ever wondered where they got it from? Why do some people seem to be born with so much confidence while others – people like you and me – struggle along and have to fake it until we make it! In my time as a life coach, I have worked with many people, and I have learned a secret that I want to share with you all. Those abundantly confident people, you know… it is all an act! They might seem to have unshakeable self-confidence in public, but in private, they are usually nowhere near as confident as they seem!

Let me give you a few celebrity examples of people who seem extremely confident, but who have admitted to being anything but unshakeable!

  • Mike Tyson exudes confidence in the boxing ring, but every time he stepped in the ring, he was terrified right up until the moment he threw his first punch.
  • Grammy-winning singer Adele says she still gets nauseous with nerves before every performance.
  • Televangelist Joel Olsteen says that he has never been particularly fond of the limelight!

So what does this tell us? It means that few if any people are born with an abundance of self-confidence. However, if you want to – you can most definitely learn it! Over the years, I have developed more confidence. Sure, sometimes, I still get anxiety, but I now have the appropriate skills to overcome it. As a life coach, I have shared these techniques with many of my clients to help them build unshakeable self-confidence.

What Is Confidence?

First, let’s start by asking ourselves what exactly confidence is? Confidence is the internal belief in one’s ability to secure the matter at hand. It’s the knowledge of future success in advance. I want to share with you the techniques I use as a life coach to help others learn to have more confidence, and they are the same techniques that I used myself – that’s how I know that they work! It all starts with my four basic rules for building unshakeable self-confidence!

1 – Make a Commitment

Step one in building your unshakeable self-confidence is making a commitment to yourself. Set yourself a goal and commit to the knowledge that the time, effort, and energy you will need to spend achieving it are worth it. As a life coach, my essential tip for this step is that once you make the commitment, you need to act immediately. No looking back. No second-guessing. The time for action is now!

2 – Learn Everything

Think about your goal or topic and become an expert. Learn everything you can about it. The better your understanding of your industry or the subject of your next presentation or whatever it is your goal relates to, the more confident you are going to feel. Every day is an opportunity to learn something, and we should never stop being teachable.

3 – Practice

It is not enough to simply know your topic inside and out – you need to put it into practice too. The more you practice, the better you get and the more confident you are going to feel. When you practice over you, get to a point where if you are called on to explain it to another person, you will do so with ease.

4 – Positive Mindset

Something else that I have learned while working as a life coach is that one of the most important elements of self-confidence is having the right mindset. The subconscious mind is continuously listening to everything we tell ourselves mentally and verbally so, and the key is to feed our minds with positive affirmations.

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