Success Coach Tips: Resetting How Others See You & Get More Respect

One of the complaints that I hear most often when someone comes to me in need of a success coach is that one or more people in their lives are making them feel like a failure. Nobody is born a screw-up, and part of being human is making mistakes. They are an essential part of achieving success – as long as we learn from them and grow. Why then do so many people feel like nobody sees their potential and that everyone dismisses them as a failure?

I got news for you! The mistakes you make are not the problem – your lack of self-confidence is! Making a couple of minor mistakes at your job is not enough to make your boss write you off as a lost cause; however, if you allow those mistakes to diminish your own self-confidence then before long, you are going to start sending out the signal that you are no good at your job and that’s going to lead to you being passed over for opportunities that might have otherwise have come your way.

Confidence Reads As Competence

One thing that I teach those who hire me as their success coach is that confidence is essential for success. When you have a decent level of confidence in yourself and your own abilities, it is natural to project that as competence. If people see you approach tasks with confidence, they assume you know exactly what you are doing and will complete it with ease. The reverse is also true – if you have no confidence, it will be evident to anyone watching that you don’t believe your own abilities – so why should they? In some cases, this lack of confidence can be enough to convince even yourself that you are no use, and you will begin to fail as your default.

The good news is that you can fix this! With a little help from a success coach like myself, you can learn how to gain that self-confidence that allows you to reassure everyone else of your competence levels. Let’s take a brief look at some of the areas that can help achieve this.


Let’s get one thing straight. Nobody among us is perfect! The sooner you learn to accept yourself, flaws, and all the better. You are a package of good points and bad. Once you accept this reality, it becomes much easier to identify the parts of yourself that you want to work on improving. As your success coach, I can help you to identify these areas, but only once you are ready for self-acceptance.


It is part of human nature to be hard on ourselves. We often speak harshly about ourselves in a way we never would about another person. If you are going to build your self-confidence, you must be compassionate towards yourself. Cut yourself a little slack! When you show yourself more compassion, you will find self-acceptance comes to you a little more naturally.

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