Success Coach Tips for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong – even though you have all the qualifications required to be there? Do you sometimes feel like you are undeserving of every achievement or accolade that comes your way? Is success something you think other people get instead of you? If so, then you are suffering from imposter syndrome – a damaging behavior pattern that can derail your road to the top. As your success coach, I can help you overcome this feeling – because I have experienced it for myself!

Let’s talk about how to beat imposter syndrome.

1 – Start The Conversation

As a success coach, the first thing I tell my clients if they are suffering from imposter syndrome is to start a conversation about it with someone they can trust. That could be a friend, a mentor, or even your success coach. When you share your concerns with someone else, it will not only help to quiet the inner voice telling you that you don’t belong. It may also prompt others to tell you their own experiences of imposter syndrome, allowing you to see that these feelings are natural. Everyone experiences them from time to time; the key is not letting those feelings overwhelm everything else.

2 – Curate Positive Experiences

It can be difficult to accept compliments, especially when you are struggling with imposter syndrome. Instead, we allow our brains to catalog every negative piece of feedback we receive – sometimes we even assume people have bad things to say without actually giving them the chance to say anything! As a success coach, I encourage my clients to keep a journal daily, and one of the things you could include is a list of compliments and positive experiences. Next time someone praises your work, stop and allow yourself to enjoy it, then write it down for future reflection.

3 – Learn a New Response to Failure

We have to accept that on the road to success there will be a few failures. However, we should never allow these to drag us down or make us feel unworthy of success. Failure is an opportunity to learn, and it is important to develop a positive response to setbacks instead of a negative one. Next time you encounter a challenge that knocks you for six, dust yourself down, get back up, and take a new approach to the obstacle. You’ve got this!

4 – Visualize Success

A big part of imposter syndrome is expecting the worst. When you do this, you are setting yourself up to continue to fail. As a success coach, I feel that it is very important to picture yourself achieving your goals. Visualize succeeding, and you are more likely to reach your goals.

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