Life Coach Tips: Habits To Leave Behind After Lockdown!

Did you know? The best time to break a habit, or develop a new one is when you are on vacation! To make a change, for example, quit smoking, you need to interrupt your usual patterns. If you are on vacation, you have already broken your routine, so breaking old habits should, in theory, be easier.

Speaking of interrupting our patterns – there has never been a large scale disruption like the COVID-19 pandemic in our living memory! Our lives got turned on their heads and changed things beyond recognition for many of us. However, as a life coach, I always need to look for the lessons in seemingly bad situations. One thing I have learned from the pandemic is that we have the perfect opportunity to choose new and more beneficial habits.

Most of us have probably picked up an undesirable habit or two during the lockdown, especially if you have been unable to work or carry out your typical day to day activities. However, as we move back to some form of normality, now is the time to break those habits – and some of the old habits we brought with us to begin with! Let’s think about the habits you need to leave behind after lockdown!

1 – Stop Living Life on Autopilot

Whether you realize it or not, you probably have some routines in your life that you walk through on autopilot. When you get up in the morning, do you automatically head for the coffee maker? After work, do you instantly crash out in front of the TV? Are you missing out on part of your life by just going through the motions? As a life coach, I am always encouraging people to turn off autopilot and live every moment. Now that life has been shaken up, let’s do things differently.

2 – Kick Procrastination to the Curb

As a life coach, procrastination is one of the main concerns many of my clients have. Many people are busy being busy and will wax lyrical about what they would do if they only had free time. Depending on where you live, you just had 4 to 12 weeks of time handed to you! If you didn’t achieve those goals, then it was never time that was your downfall, it was procrastination. Let’s break that habit as we fall back into some sort of routine. A great tip is to schedule a fun activity at the start or in the middle of your workday. It lets your brain know that it’s not just an endless line of work tasks! There will be fun too. It could be something simple like playing a video game, reading a book, or just taking a walk – anything you enjoy!

3 – Don’t Take Life for Granted

Another thing that the pandemic has shown is how much we take for granted. Our freedom, haircuts, air travel, even toilet paper! It seemed like overnight, all of our luxuries were taken from us! As a life coach, I see that as an opportunity to re-evaluate what is important in life and stop taking things for granted.

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