How Can You Master Networking During COVID-19

We are currently living through uncertain times, but I have confidence that we will get through this not only as a nation but as a business community. However, we need to take the appropriate steps to ensure our ongoing growth. It would be easy to retreat, and truthfully, it is understandable. The current Coronavirus pandemic is a scary situation. However, we need to fight that instinct and continue to push your business forward. If your business is going to not only survive but also thrive, then it is vital that you do not retreat, but instead push forward with your marketing and networking strategy.

Of course, you will likely need to adapt your usual approach to fit the new business landscape!

A New Approach to Networking:

One of the most important tools we can use in growing our businesses is networking. However, networking in today’s climate and for the foreseeable future is a little different from what we might be used to since we need to practice social distancing and cannot travel. That doesn’t mean we cannot continue to network; we just have to take a different approach. Let’s make use of all of the technology that is available to us! You can still make phone calls, send text messages, emails and video conferences. Make use of social media to stay in touch with your audience – try live videos or demonstrations. It’s probably only a matter of time before we start seeing some virtual networking events making use of the likes of Zoom and Skype.

Mastering Networking:

Even if the ways we approach networking have to change due to social distancing, the fundamentals stay the same. If you master the basics of networking, you should be able to adapt to any situation quickly.

Let’s start by thinking about one of the most frequently asked questions all business owners hear. ‘What do you do for a living?’ OR some variation of that, maybe ‘What type of work do you do?’. I want you to stop and think about how you answer that question. Why? Well, because your answer is the difference between sounding just like every other entrepreneur and standing out from the crowd. Don’t give a basic answer like ‘I sell computers’ or ‘I’m a writer.’ You started your business for a reason. It’s something that you are passionate about, so make sure your answer reflects your passion! Make sure that the person who asks you ‘what do you do for a living?’ Is going to remember you and come back to you when they require your services.

Remember! It’s just as important that you have something of value to say, as it is to have someone to say it to! Learning the ability to open, close, and control a conversation in any given situation is going to help elevate your level of success not just in business but in all aspects of your life!

Initial Engagement Pitch:

When you are networking, you will want to present your business to other people in a way that has impact, and for that, we need an initial engagement pitch or IEP. When you are crafting this pitch, you will want to start with the end result.

• What is it you have to offer your clients?

• What is the outcome of someone using your product or service?

• How will the client benefit?

If you want to capture someone’s attention, you need to clearly state what sort of results you will deliver and how your service can be of benefit to them. Next time you are asked, ‘what do you do for a living?’ make sure that you are including your IEP. Whenever you introduce yourself and your business to someone new, you should be able to tell them how you will be of benefit to them!

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