Do You Recognize Your “Energy Vampires”?

Learn more about the tell tale signs of an ‘energy vampire’. Recognize these detrimental people early on so your life energy dosen’t become depleted and you can live your best life!

What do I do once I’ve identified a hater picking at me trying to bring me down? When in doubt cut them out! You don’t want to waste your time or your energy with the energy vampires! They will only use you to make themselves feel better. Set boundaries with family or unavoidable pickers or haters. Know where to draw the line. If you find yourself stuck with a hater or picker, speak honestly and positively, and try to explain how they are negatively affecting you.

The ones who truly care for you will understand and those are the people you want to keep around.

As your coach, I am here to tell you what – or who – is holding you back from success! The friends you want to have in your life may say things that feel harsh, bad, or maybe just bring up some hurtful ego shit, but know that true friends are the ones who don’t say these things to hurt. Real friends give good advice and point out where you can improve. When they point out your weaknesses they are doing it out of your best interest. Listen to them and take the advice to heart. Apply it to your dreams, your days struggles or any patterns in behavior that will hold you back from success.

Don’t let the energy vampires win!

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