Avoid Drinking the Toxic “Picker-Aid”

There will inevitably be people who are opposed to your success and growth as they fear change and the unknown. I coach on how to handle and make “Picker-Aid Drinkers” non-existent in your life so you can achieve your best life.

How Do You Identify a Picker?

They look you up and down, and watch, looking for any mistake you might make. They will focus on your negative and bring it to your attention to bring you down. These bullies pick and hate. They haven’t accomplished what you have.

What do I do once I’ve identified a hater picking at me trying to bring me down?

When in doubt cut them out. You don’t want to waste your time or energy with the picker. They will only use you to make themselves feel better. Set boundaries with family or unavoidable pickers or haters. Know where to draw the line.

If you find yourself stuck with a hater or picker, speak honestly and positively, and try to explain how they are negatively affecting you.

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