What Does Unfiltered Mean?

Unfiltered means saying the truth even if it will hurt, even if you’re gonna get pissed off.  I am not going to sugar coat it but I also won’t shame you about it either.  I accept you for who you are right where you are.  The only shame that can come from where you are is staying there and not growing and moving forward.  I will share my own experiences with you not someone else experiences.  One of my mentors once said to me “ I will never lie for you nor will I lie to you”. I will remain open-minded and stay teachable and humble.  Striving always to keep good Integrity and Character, not swaying from my core values and religious beliefs.   I want to learn from you as well. WE ARE GONNA LEARN TOGETHER!!!

What do I want people to take from my coaching?

I want you to leave motivated and feeling great about yourself with the strength to never give up!! There are still trustworthy people out there that really care about you and want to help you succeed, wanting nothing in return. Find them and keep them close to you. I want you to feel like you are a NINJA and that you are unstoppable!! From this day forward you will only be moving forward no more going backward. You are going to be in tune with your gut feelings and be able to make good decisions. Along with building stronger relationships with your community while you build your business on your passion.

How do I deliver what I want people to take from my coaching?

When delivered with enthusiasm people will feel the passion and the honesty and it will give them what they need to create in themselves the strength to succeed. I will keep it real and stay focused and passionate about the experiences I share and the results that they can have from following my leadership.

What results can people expect?

You can expect TRUTH, CONFIDENCE, and RESULTS!!! You are investing in Yourself and you are worth it!!

You will feel confident in the tools you are learning and you will use them to build first the foundation and then the steps that will carry you to your full potential. You don’t ever have to punch someone else’s clock ever again. You will be able to reward yourself without guilt. This will continue to give you the strength and power to keep climbing.