THE BENNIE! UNFILTERED SHOW introduces life truths for success & happiness to inspire, motivate, and entertain viewers from all walks of life! Introducing our first series to launch below! Unfiltered.

Season 1 : Overcoming Fears

Episode 1 | Function of Fear

Episode 2 | Identify the Cause of Fear

Episode 3 | Isolate the Fear

Episode 4 | Design a Strategy to Beat Fear

Season 2: Mastering Networking

Intro: Mastering Networking Post Covid19

Episode 2: Entrance Strategy

Episode 4: Own Your Pitch

Episode 1: Know Your Why

Episode 3: Exit Strategy

Season 3: Unshakeable Self-Confidence

Episode 1: What is Confidence?

Episode 3: Confidence Follows Ownership

Episode 2: Make a Commitment to Yourself

Episode 2: The Power of a Positive Mindset

Season 4: Motivation Matters

Episode 1: What is Motivation?

Episode 2: Know Your Desired Outcome

Season 5: Living In The Moment

Episode 1: The Aftermath

Episode 2: How God Can Work In Your Life

Episode 3: Today! NOT Tomorrow!

Episode 4: Never Be Afraid to Go After It!

Episode 5: Living Your Life!

Episode 6: Know Your Desired Outcome

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Building Your Legacy

Love & Motivation | Capture Your Dreams

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